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Tester Fluke DTX TF-6 + Aparat sudura fibra optica Televes

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Tester Fluke DTX TF-6

Feature Overview
DTX-TF6 CableAnalyzers are portable instruments
Manufactured for the certification and documentation of
Fiber optic and metallic cabling installations
(Copper), as well as for identification and solution of
Problems with these types of cabling. The testers
Have the following characteristics:
• The DTX-TF6 is intended to certify
Category 6 in less than 28 seconds. All the
Models meet Level III accuracy requirements
And IV.
• Color display with clear display of standard results
• Automatic diagnostics informs the distance to
Faults and their probable causes.
• Audible tone function helps locate
A self-test tone detection.
• Optional fiber modules for certification
Single-mode fiber optic cabling and
• Optional DTX Compact OTDR modules provide
Locate and characterize reflective and loss events
In fiber optic cables.
• The optional DTX-NSM module allows you to
Network service.
• Storage capacity of up to 250 results
Category 6 self-test,
Including graphical data.
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with charge for
Least 12 hours of operation.
• Intelligent remote unit with fiber module
Option can be used with the certification OTDR
Fluke Networks OF-500 OptiFiber® for
Loss / length.
• LinkWare ™ software for transferring results
Test for a PC and report
Professional quality test. The LinkWare option
Stats generates graphical reports of test statistics
And provides search capability
Package content
DTX-TF6 CableAnalyzers come with accessories
Listed below. If any item is damaged or
Missing, contact your local
That the purchase was made.
• CableAnalyzer DTX-TF6 with
Lithium-ion battery
• SmartRemote DTX-TF6 with
Lithium-ion battery
• 2 Cat 6A / Class EA permanent link adapters
• 1 Cat 6A / Class EA channel adapter
• Case
• 2 shoulder straps
• USB cable for communication with PC
• 2 AC adapters
• CableAnalyzer DTX-TF6 product CD
• LinkWare Software CD

Fusion Splicer Televes – 232101

• Average loss by fusion: 0.02dB (SM) / 0,01dB (MM).
• Average fusion time: 9s. (standard SM).
• Average heat time for the heat-shrink sleeve: 30s. (adjustable).
• Fusion programs: 6 pre-configured programs and 194 prepared to be
configured by the user.
• Point of Light for the fusion (easier to work in the dark areas).
• Heater to heat-shrink sleeve incorporated.
• SM (Single-mode)
• MM (Multi-mode)
• Outer diameter of standard work ---> 125 μm.
• Diameter of cladding ---> from 0.2mm to 1.5mm.
• Cutting fiber length ---> 16mm (Standard)
• Display: 5” LCD (color).
• Picture: Shows simultaneously two fibers in X and Y axis.
• Duration of heating. Cleave angle.
• Tension TEST
• Program (Pre-arc power, Pre-arc time, Arc power, Arc time, Forward
sped, Forward).
• Type of Fiber.
• Method of splicing (Manual mode not available).
• Maintenance (Cleaning electrodes, old electrode, turn over image, date
and time, Arc count information, Arc count clear, Memory, language,
• 7 Languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese,
• Saves up to 5000 results of fusions
• Mains voltage/frequency: 100 - 240V~ / 50 – 60Hz /30W
• Output voltage/Current: 13,5Vdc / 5A
• Li-Polymer Battery
• Temperature: -10 ~ + 50 ° C.
• Storage: - 40 ° ~ +60 ° C.
• Relative humidity: < 95% RH
• Dimensions: 180mm (length) x 150mm (width) x 190mm (height).
• Weight: 3.5kg (with battery).

Tester Fluke DTX TF-6 + Aparat sudura fibra optica Televes Bucuresti - imagine 2
Tester Fluke DTX TF-6 + Aparat sudura fibra optica Televes Bucuresti - imagine 3
Tester Fluke DTX TF-6 + Aparat sudura fibra optica Televes Bucuresti - imagine 4
Tester Fluke DTX TF-6 + Aparat sudura fibra optica Televes Bucuresti - imagine 5

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Aparat sudura fibra optica - Fusion Splicer Televes – 232101

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