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I believe that the universe is miraculous in nature and that nothing happens by chance.
At the lower centre, I have represented the moment of creation or “big bang” with a cosmic egg, above which one can see a caduceus. This intriguing symbol is often linked to creative energies emerging from primordial chaos showing two opposing and outwardly spiraling snakes with a central winged sword acting as an axis of balance. Here are described three basic natural forces: positive, negative and neutral
Empty space = No level of perception. = a 0-D point
Minerals = 1st level of perception. = a 1-D line
Plants = 2nd level of perception. = a 2-D plane
Animals = 3rd level of perception. = a 3-D cube
Man = 4th level of perception. = a 4-D hypercube or tesseract
Angels = 5th level of perception. = a 5-D plane or multiverse
Arc-angels = 6th level of perception. = a 6-D cube
God = 7th level of perception. = a 7-D hypercube

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Bucuresti, judet Bucuresti, Sectorul 1

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