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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

21 000 €
Non-smoker, garage kept.
Accepting dyno or any other tests, I will cover testing and/or repair costs if there's anything wrong.
Engine is built for +450 HP with stock turbo, 600 HP with new turbo kit, but it's electronically limited to 400 HP for stress reduction on gearbox. Reason being that it's not a "drag car", never launched it. It's for fun twisty roads.

- Camshafts Stage1 power division
- Wiseco pistons 0.5 mm oversize
- Custom adjustable suspension
- Custom exhaust
- Powerflex engine mounts
- DBA brake rotors
- Performance clutch
- Upgraded intake
- Upgraded fuel pump and injectors
- Other upgrades meant for making the engine bullet proof

Main minuses:
- Exhaust is very loud. Tends to make old people angry.
- Suspension is very hard. Slow down on those tram line crossings, speed up in corners.
- Interior plastics are hanging on for their life due to the Powerflex engine mounts. It does not have "interior mice", it has "interior hippos" and free included massage seats during idle.
- What is Lambda?
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