CD Soundtrack - Gremlins 2 (coloana sonora) - 1993

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CD original marca Varsese Sarabande a mult indragitului film Gremlins 2. Pentru seri placute in care doriti sa deveniti nostalgici este un element de colectie indispensabil.


Numar UPC: 030206526929
Artist: Jerry Goldsmith
Format: CD
Anul lansarii: 1993
Tara manufacturii: Germania
Orchestra: Varèse Sarabande (USA)
Gen: Soundtracks

Track Listing
1. Just You Wait
2. Gizmo Escapes
3. Leaky Faucet
4. Cute
5. Pot Luck
6. Visitors
7. Teenage Mutant Gremlins
8. Keep It Quiet
9. No Rats
10. Gremlin Pudding
11. New Trends
12. Gremlin Credits

Timp: 38 min.
Producator: Jerry Goldsmith
Distribuitor: Universal Distribution
Recording Type: Studio
Recording Mode: Stereo
SPAR Code: n/a

Album Notes
Music composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith.Composer: Jerry Goldsmith.Unknown Contributor Role: Bruce Botnick.This is a welcome sequel to the first Gremlins album, and this time without the distraction of rock songs (though Peter Gabriel's "Out/Out" is a lot of fun). As with other instances where Jerry Goldsmith has had a chance to do a sequel score (Star Trek 5 and Poltergeist 2, for example), he has taken the original themes and ideas he developed and, rather than simply repeating them, indulged in variations on the themes and explorations of the material, as well as adding new directions. "The Gremlin Rag" is here, as might be expected, but Goldsmith has taken the theme of the movie to heart and done -- well -- things to the DNA of the piece. You can recognize the original structure of the cue, but beneath that there lurks a changed beast, with intentions not to be broached in a public place. Likewise, the Goldsmith trademarks are all in place, including the swelling strings, the sweet pieces with the lurking twist in the harmonies, the burrowing digital synthesizers, and the maniacal drums, not to mention the odd little sounds and textures Goldsmith came up with for the first movie ("Gizmo's Theme" is based around odd little sounds that are actually a classic musical depiction of a character). Likewise, the Gremlins themselves are depicted with odd little musical sounds that pop up in the music. Soundwise, this is a typically excellent job, engineered once again by Goldsmith regular Bruce Botnick. Varese Sarabande's people have treated an excellent master with respect and put out a typically fine disc. ~ Steven McDonald

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CD Soundtrack - Gremlins 2 (coloana sonora) - 1993 Oradea - imagine 2
CD Soundtrack - Gremlins 2 (coloana sonora) - 1993 Oradea - imagine 3
CD Soundtrack - Gremlins 2 (coloana sonora) - 1993 Oradea - imagine 4

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