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Trimmer Meridian
Trimmer Meridian
Trimmer Meridian
Postat 23 septembrie 2021

Trimmer Meridian

120 lei

  • Persoana fizica

  • Stare: Nou


Designed to Protect your Most Prized Possessions: The trimmer features a rust-resistant, hygienic, replaceable ceramic blade built with extra sensitive shaving technology. It works smoothly to prevent nicks and snags, no matter how coarse the hair.
Waterproof Wet/Dry Use: Whether you decide to shave in your yard (no judgment) or mid-shower, The Trimmer is ready for action. It is shock- and water-proof, all while housed in a polycarbonate shell to increase comfort and maneuverability.
Back Hair Chest hair Pubic Hair : The Trimmer may have been built for “down-there” but is just as effective wherever you have hair. You can use it directly on your skin or with one of the 2 adjustable trim-guards to get your perfect hair length. Fully charged, The Trimmer lasts up to 90-minutes, enough time to rinse and repeat for a few trims.
What You’ll Receive: The Meridian Trimmer, Easy to Snap-on Blade, USB Charging Cable, 2 Adjustable Length Guards, Cleaning Brush, How-to-use Manual
ID: 223536798


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